PCT – Day 0

The day before starting the PCT was spent in San Diego at trail angels Scout and Frodo. Who open their home up to hikers and help them get to the border where the trail starts.

I arrived into San Diego late at night, but people on the trail are so amazing. Their door was left open for me and the other late arrivals, with a note to make ourselves comfortable in the lounge room for the night. I slept on the recliner, which was better than an airplane but still not the best nights sleep.

In the morning the hikers leaving that day headed out at dawns crack to the trail head, leaving a nice quiet hose for those of us who remained. As I was given the tour, I was delighted to find that half of the things that I needed were available to buy at Scout and Frodos. Gas, a lighter and US wall plug, plus post boxes were available. I had just halved the amount of things I needed to do that day.

By 9am I had boxed up some things I didn’t want to carry but might need in the future and some extra food from Australia. Then I walked down to the Post Office. As I did, I was just a little excited to be in the States and see iconic stores of the US.

With postage done, I then walked back to the house and chatted to other hikers before joining the group going to the outfitters and then the group to get a SIM card for my phone. Then all the things on my list were done and I was ready to hike.

Hiker dinner and stories by Scout

Scout and Frodo do dinner for hikers and give us a heads up about what to expect, trail ediquette and tell stories from the trail. Over all it was a very lovely way to spend day 0.

Today I am thankful for trail angels.

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