Stewart Island and PCT

Good news for all you avid blog followers (i.e. my Mum and friend who loves blogs). I have decided to attempt to blog the PCT as well. It is a lovely way to record memories.

A quick update. Since finishing the TA. I went to Stewart Island and did the 40km Great walk loop on the island. It was really nice and really easy. Being a great walk, the track was really well maintained. There was a max elevation gain of about 200m and it was a gentle incline. I was warned about serious mud from a couple I passed going in the other direction. They need to walk the TA, because the mud was but a small puddle in comparison. There was also lots of beautiful little beaches. The one disappointment is that I didn’t see a kiwi. To me they remain the mythical creature of New Zealand on par with the Loc Ness Monster in Scotland. 🙂

My shoes after reported ‘serious’ mud

Before I left New Zealand, I had a chance to catch up with a few friends from the trail for one last hurrah. Then I flew home and have spent the last two week catching up with friends and family, eating ice cream and getting ready for the PCT.

It is less than a week now until I start walking and even sooner that I fly to San Diego…

Today I am thankful for friends and family.

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