Te Araroa – Day 132

Riverton to Invercargill – 33km (2962km total)

The TA likes to bookend the journey for hikers, so that you finish as you start the trail. A muddy forest, a Long Beach walk and then a long road walk. Today was the Long Beach walk. It was ok, but I’ll take forest and surprisingly, walking up mountains over flat walks. The repetitive motion on an unchanging surface kills my feet, so 30km on flat feels harder than 30km where the terrain changes, because you are constantly putting strain on different parts of your feet and legs, rather than the same onces over and over again.

I’m coming for you, Bluff

That being said, today was a nice day. It was sunny, although a bit chilly, so I wore my jacket for part of the day, despite the blue skies. Once off the beach after 25km it was then just under a 10km walk into Invercargill. Tomorrow is a 34km road walk to Bluff and the southern terminus, it is going to kill my feet, but then celebration! 🎉

Today I am thankful for sunshine.

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