Te Araroa – Day 127

Telford Campsite to Birchwood – 28km (2833km total)

I woke up this morning to an awesome pink sky. I would have got up and taken a photo but the sandflies were already starting to swarm outside my tent. In a matter of minutes from first light to a few minutes later, my tent went from having hardly any sandflies on it to one billion (no hint of a lie 😉). So I stayed in my tent, had breakfast and got as much ready as I could before exiting out to the onslaught of sandflies.

Today’s track was all through a private station, which apparently had problems with TA hikers in the past. So the track went in stupid directions, up hills and down gully’s taking hikers around the back of the property instead of following the main 4WD track through the property. There were menacing signs up everywhere telling you if you were found of track you would be escorted back the way you came from. At one point, I found myself at a boundary with no marker and discovered I had mistakenly kept following the track I was on, when I should have gone across country to a fence line.

Walking through a crop of…?

Over all the day wasn’t too bad and for the most part the trail was good, but a few sections were annoying as it was walking across paddocks full of divots, that are made for twisting an ankle.

Does wearing boat shoes on the TA mean you never get wet feet?

There is no accommodation between the two private station sections. However, thankfully a station along the road we come out on before entering the next station has a hut that they allow hikers to stay in for $20. It is the nicest hut ever, I feel like I am at the Hilton, with a hot shower, running water and electricity. It is the simple things that wow me these days.

Today I am thankful for electricity.

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