Te Araroa – Day 126

Aparima Hut to Telford Campsite – 21km (2805km total)

Less than 200km to go. That feels weird, crazy, exciting and sad all at the same time. Most of today was spent in the forest. The track in total was said to take around 10 hours to complete, but thankfully, it was not that long. The 5-6 hours to the next hut took 4.5 hours and was a good spot for a lunch break.

The next part of the track at 8km on the sign outside the hut said 8 hours to complete but on the track notes it said 4 hours. It was neither. I did it in just over 3.5 hours and I had at least half an hour if not more of a break once the track finally came out of the forest before descending the ridge down to the campsite.

Apparently, on a clear day you can see the ocean/bluff from up on the ridgeline. I could see neither, but I like to pretend that I could. The end is so close now. This time next week I should be finishing up.

I’m going to pretend that is the ocean/bluff 😆

Today I am thankful for ridgeline walks.

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