Te Araroa – Day 123

Taipo Hut to South Mavoura Lake – 34km (2724km total)

Today was going to be an easy day but I turned it into a longer day. The original thought was for two shortish days to get me to the last hut in this section which would then lead to a longish day to get me out to the highway where I could then hitch into the next resupply point.

However, I arrived at the hut I had planned to get to for the day at 2pm and it seemed silly to stop for the day with still so much daylight. Yet, I knew that I wouldn’t make it to the next hut as that would have made for a 43km day and I am not a masochist. So I improvised my plan. I walked to the campground at the end of Lake Mavora, then instead of getting on the trail on the other side of the lake, I stayed on the gravel road that cars take out of the campground to the bottom of the south lake, where I have set up bush camp. This would leave me with a killer day tomorrow to get out to the highway if I followed the trail which is marked as slow going through farm land at times. So again I am improvising. Instead of following the trial on the right of the river, through forest, farmland, bog and long grass. I will instead walk the gravel road on the left side of the river out to the highway. It will still be a long day, but hopefully, it wont take as long if I am not battling through mud and grass.

Last night I left my ziplock bag of toilet paper and hand sanitizer outside the hut. In the middle of the night a possum got into it and I discovered the hand sanitizer gone. So I assumed there was either going to be a very drunk and happy possum or a very sad possum with an upset stomach, depending on how it reacted for him. However, I discovered that the possum had just tried to get into it but had not succeeded, and the hand sanitizer had fallen between the floorboard of the verandah and was under the hut. So I crawled under to retrieve it.

The track this morning to the first hut was slow going through The Valley, particularly as there are a lot of muddy sections. But it was beautiful with mountains either side. The track after that became easier as it followed a 4WD track to Lake Mavora. From here the track followed the lake shore and was a lovely walk.

Sunset over the lake from my camping spot

Walking along the lake

Today I am thankful for lakes.

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