Te Araroa – Day 121

Arrowtown to Queenstown – 28km (2666km total)

Today was a reminiscent of a North Island day. It was basically a pretty bike trail/road walk which I broke up with, you guessed it, cafe stops.

It started in Arrowtown with breakfast at the bakery. Then it was a short road walk out of town before turning off onto a bike path that went through the very fancy golf course and private village, for those who live there.

View walking out of Arrowtown

Then I followed some back roads into Frankton where I once again followed the bike path over the Shotover river and stopped for a Frozen coke at Maccas. πŸ˜ƒ

Shotover river

The walk from Frankton into Queenstown was along the Frankton arm of Lake Wakatipu. By the time I got to the YHA I was tired, but I still needed to resupply for the next leg. So I called an Uber, because they have Uber in Queenstown. I love when places have Uber. As I was waiting for the Uber to arrive, across the street on the Lake was a guy hovering about 10m above the lake as jets of water were thrust out of whatever was strapped to his feet. The Uber driver told me it was called Flyboarding. I told him, I could now die because I have now seen everything! πŸ˜‚ It is possibly the water reality of Marty McFly’s hover board from back to the future.

This guy and his dog who howls to sing along, was here last time I was in Queenstown

Today I am thankful for lovely bike trails to walk into town.

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