Te Araroa – Day 120

Roses Hut to Arrowtown – 22km (2637km total)

Only two saddles to climb over today and a town at the end of it, should make for an easier day than the three saddles of yesterday.

It was a climb straight up out of the hut, up to Roses Saddle. It was ok and it looked like there were switchbacks for the last part up to the saddle. However, it was lies. There was one switchback and then the trail went straight up the hill in classic TA steep style. The walk down to the river the other side was pleasant, but then the trail sidled the river and it was a terrible track for parts of it. This trail has an ultra marathon along it and I questioned how people ran this part of the trail. Walk maybe, but run, I question. The was also a section with a lot of underground streams, which required time to test the ground you were about to step on to make sure it wasn’t a hole with grass over it into the stream underneath. Eventually, I made it down to Macetown an old abandoned gold mining town.

Old building in Macetown

From there the track went up another saddle, which I slowly plodded up. From there it was a short 2 hours down into Arrowtown. Arrowtown is set up for tourism and cashing in off of the gold mining that once occurred in the area. It is a very cute little town, but it was also very overwhelming to be around such obvious tourism after spending time in the mountians, in tents and huts. However, I took advantage of it and got Thai for dinner followed by a frozen yoghurt.

View down to Arrowtown, so close to food.

Today I am thankful for cute little towns.

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