Te Araroa – Day 119

Fern Burn Hut to Roses Hut – 16km (2615km total)

It was a full hut last night and there was a cacophony of snorers. Despite that I managed to sleep ok but I did occasionally wake to the surround sound system of snoring around me ๐Ÿ˜ .

At 6.30am there was no going back to sleep, but I laid there until 7am before I started getting ready and making noise that would disturb others. As I walked out of the hut, down in The Valley where we had come from the previous day was covered in low cloud.

Check out the low lying cloud and the beautiful mountains

This was destined to be a big day, the track notes read for the entire section ‘ The track is well marked but exposed and follows a demanding line’ and for todays section ‘This is the most demanding section of the track’. With write ups like that I was expecting the Richmond Ranges 2.0 but actually, it was not that bad. What made it tough was that there were three saddles to traverse today, which were at points steep, but it was a good track. You weren’t fighting your way through tussock, or over rocks and roots, so over all it wasn’t too bad.

The first climb of the morning lead to impressive views with puffy white clouds still sitting over the mountains in the distance, before heading back down to the next hut. The second climb from that hut also lead to impressive views, but the clouds were starting to burn off by that point and by the third climb it was mid afternoon and hot. I plodded my way up that third climb, it didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten enough food during the day and was running low on energy, but I stubbornly wanted to get to the top before stopping so I kept going. There was also swarms of flying ant type flies, that would fly into me and then stick to my sweaty arms and face. Gross. As you can tell thru hiking is very glamorous ๐Ÿ˜†.

Boots that have seen better days

Finally, I made it to the top of the last summit and slowly made my way down, my knees just wanting to be a the bottom. When I made it to the hut, I sat down on the verandah, took my shoes of and cracked open a bag of lollies. Mmm, so good.

Today I am thankful for amazing Mountain Views with puffy clouds.

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