Te Araroa – Day 117-118

Day 116 was a day of in Wanaka. I spent the morning doing town chores and things that needed to get done for when I finish up the TA in three weeks. Then I spent the afternoon reading and went and saw Captain Marvel later in the day. I am a fan of the Marvel movies and it was fun going to the movies in Wanaka, where the movie theatre was a bit retro, with old cars inside and a few couches to sit on. I had a couch with a hot pink cushion, I was in heaven. As someone who loves to tuck their feet up under them when watching movies, a couch is perfect for that.

What a great cinema

As I was walking back from the cinema in the dark, I walked past some people walking in the opposite direction. Just as I walked past I turned back around, doing a double take and so did the other person. It was A. I hadn’t seen her since Wellington. It was so exciting to see her again.

Day 117

Wanaka to Fern Burn Hut – 24km (2599km total)

The track for today looked fairly easy, so I had a relaxed morning. At 9am I was all packed up by check out wasn’t until 10am so I left my bag (no need to carry that further than I need to) and walked into town to get a chai, before coming back to collect my stuff. As I was leaving, I stopped and chatted with A again who was taking a couple of days off in Wanaka.

Most of the morning was a walk along the bike track around lake Wanaka. As I was walking out of town of course I stopped and took a photo of #thatwanakatree apparently the most photographed tree. The morning was fairly easy being on a bike track. Then the track turned off onto Montatapu Alpine Track, which started gentle enough, but the last 4km to the hut were of course straight up hill, sidling along a river in true TA style making me slow to a crawl.


I made it to the hut just in time as rain started to lightly fall.

Today I am thankful for catching up with old friends.

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