Te Araroa – Day 115

Stody Hut to Lake Hawea – 20km (2548km total)

Overnight it rained. In the middle of the night I thought ‘oh well I guess I am climbing up a hill in the rain tomorrow.’ But there were only a few showers and by morning the sun was out and it was shaping up to be a beautiful day.

Such beautiful scenery all morning

The climb up to Breast Hill first thing in the morning was lovely but cold. It mostly was a gentle up, which I am a fan of. On Breast Hill of course there was a photo shoot again. Still working on a normal face in a jump shot. 🤷🏼‍♀️ We hung out at the top for quite a while, eating and enjoying reception. Then the downhill started.

Jumping on Breast Hill

J and I had the bright idea of taking a 4WD track that was on the maps down, instead of the TA. As the track was longer but less steep, where as the contour lines on the TA trail looked like a child had gone crazy with a crayon. However, the best laid plans…were not to be. The 4WD track was on private land, so we ended up having to take the TA, which was steep, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Although, I wouldn’t want to be the north bounder who has to walk up it!

Once down it was 7km walk into the town of Lake Hawea, which seemed to take forever in the heat and of course I had run out of water a while ago. So the entire walk, I was dreaming off cool, cool liquid. To take my mind off it, I called people from home and chatted to them while walking along the path into town.

When we got to the only cafe in town I went crazy with food and drink and worked myself into a food coma. I also used their wifi to book my flights home. I have three weeks left to finish the TA, hopefully that will be enough time.

Today I am thankful for catching up with old friends.

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