Te Araroa – Day 114

Top Timaru Hut to Stody Hut – 15km (2528km total)

Today was a chill day in terms of distance and time, but not in terms of terrain. Within 15 minutes the track became a classic TA track again and remained that way for the entire day.

It entered into the forest and sidled along the river, a thin, rocky, rooty track with a steep drop off into the river below. It would then work its way down to the river and cross it several times and then back up again. That was the track until lunch time. I am usually a plodder when it comes to any sort of track that is anything other than flat and even or even with a slight incline/decline but I am even more of a plodder now after Y fell on the exact same sort of trail that this morning consisted of.

One of the many river crossings, that then took you back up the bank to walk above the river

After lunch the track ascended steeply for 2.5km to the hut. The steepest trail I have been on in a while. One step forward and two back was the general way of the trail. However, thankfully it was only like that for a few kilometres. By 3pm I was at the hut. That is the shortest day I have had for a while and with the next hut 5hours away. I felt no need to push on. So it was tea and relax time at the hut.

Today I am thankful for safety.

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