Te Araroa – Day 113

Bush camp to Top Timaru Hut – 27km (2515km total)

In the middle of the night, something giant sounded like it ran smack bang into my tent. Of course it probably wasn’t that big, but when you are woken up in the middle of the night in a tent everything sounds loud. My first thought was kangaroo, but I’m not in Australia. So I couldn’t work out what it was and after that I lay awake for ages wondering what was outside my tent. In the morning as I started hiking rabbits were bounding everywhere, so I am assuming that it was a rabbit that kamakazed itself into my tent.

After about a hour of hiking first thing in the morning, the trail crosses a river, which many people before us had said that they tired to cross but had to turn back because it was too deep and strong. However, we had also heard others say that it was only knee deep. There was an option around it but it required a 10km detour to a bridge 5km down stream and then walk back up. V and I decided to check out the river before walking to the bridge. At the place where the trail met the river, it was deep and fast flowing. However, we found another spot a little further on, where the river was braided where we could cross to an island in the river through knee deep water. Then we walked up Stream on the island and found another place to cross the second braid. River crossing done, without an 10km detour.

Looking back at the Ahuriri River that we managed to cross

Shortly after the river crossing we crossed the 2500km mark. Only 500km to go. That is crazy! The rest of the day was a climb up to Martha’s saddle and then back down again. Thankfully it was nice track, mostly 4WD track, which made for nice walking, when you are not having to find where the track goes as you battle through tussock.

Bam 💥 only 500km left

Today I am thankful for safe river crossings.

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