Te Araroa – Day 112

Lake Ohau Lodge to bush camp – 21km (2486km total)

It was back to walking today. However, before we left the lodge a lady who works there walked past our tents and was so impressed that we were walking the TA that she offered us free coffee. So we got to go inside to the bar and have a coffee. The hospitality and generosity of the Kiwis is so great.

The hike first thing in the morning was a gentle up as we continued to follow the bike track from the lodge, then we turn back onto the TA, where immediately there was a noticeable different in track. Rocks, roots, thin. You know normal TA stuff. Then the climb began as well. The climb wasn’t too bad as it was in between gentle and steep which is doable, without feeling exhausted.

Walking from the high point for the day back down into The Valley floor

By lunch we had reached the saddle and stopped to have a tent drying party from the condensation last night while eating lunch. After that it was a walk down into The Valley to a stream, which had some camping near it (ie. flat spots). Having said that, I’m still on a slight incline in long grass.

Today I am thankful to be walking again.

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