Te Araroa – Day 111

Twizel to Lake Ohau – 32km (2465km total)

I had the best night sleep in the hobbit house. We woke up in the morning to drizzling rain, with no motivation to go anywhere. However, after a lazy morning and slow breakfast. The rain had cleared enough that we rode our bikes back into town to get our resupply for the next section.

Hobbit House, me and Scooby the dog

By the time we got back to the hobbit house the sun had come out and we had no excuse to sit around any longer, but with only 32km to do on a bike it didn’t matter that we had a slow start to the morning. By the time we got organized and packed up it was close to 1pm by the time we left.

Unlike yesterday, there was hardly any wind, which made for a fairly easy ride. It was initially along the canal and then along Lake Ohau. The scenery today was stunning, with cloud capped mountains in the distance the other side of the lake.

Tonight we are camping a Lake Ohau lodge, where we had the biggest plate of nachos ever for dinner. Then we discovered there was a hot tub. However, it was right outside the dining room window, so as everyone enjoyed their dinner, we felt like animals in a zoo. I didn’t go all the way in I just put my legs in, which was a good choice as the others, were soon too hot in the tub. I am now sitting and writing this in the lodges lounge. Luxury, compared to my usual writing in a tent.

Check out that plate of nachos, we had another one as well 🌮

Today I am thankful for hot tubs.

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