Te Araroa – Day 110

Lake Tekapo to Twizel – 59km (2433km total)

Our bikes were delivered in the morning to the holiday park by Wayne from alps 2 ocean, who also shuttled us around the rivers. He got the bikes set up for us with trailers so that we could tow our bags and by mid morning we were off.

Biking like a pro at Lake Tekapo

It was such a novelty to be on a bike and achieve in 20 minutes what usually takes at least an hour to walk. The ride out of Tekapo was great, but then the trail turned and the wind picked up, but still it was ok, as the wind was vaguely behind us and to the side.

Then a big gust of wind came causing V who was in front of me to be blown to the side of the road. This cause me to also need to swerve to the side of the road so that I wouldn’t run into her. Once I hit the gravel at the side of the road the bike slide from underneath me and I would have gracefully stumble off my bike as it went down sideways, but the edge of the road was on an embankment, so instead I in slow mo managed to slide of the bike onto the side of the road, then the momentum of being on the embankment kicked in and I summersaulted to a rest on the embankment. All I could do was lay there and laugh at how ridiculous the situation was, the unknown skills I had to summersault and how it happened in slow-mo. I wish my friend behind had a go-pro mounted on their bike as it would have been a great crash to capture.

After that event, it was 10km of riding almost into a 60kph head wind. That 10km took forever to do, before the track started to turn again and cause the wind to go behind us.

At this point we stopped for lunch. The only kind of sheltered place from the wind was in a ditch. So we sat in a ditch for lunch. Such is the hiker life. 😆

The middle and last stretch into Tekapo wasn’t too bad as we were mostly helped along by the wind. Even with the wind I was thankful to be on a bike. It would have been the most boring stretch to have to walk all day along a flat bike track. It was much more enjoyable to do on a bike.

What the photo doesn’t show is how windy it was

Tonight we are staying at a trail angels place who has a little hobbit hut that we are staying in. They are so great, they are out for the evening, but they have left their home open for us and told us to help ourselves to showers, laundry etc. People are so great.

Today, I am thankful for hobbit homes to stay in as wet weather comes in.

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