Te Araroa – Day 108

Bush Stream Hut to Lake Tekapo – 35km (2379km total)

Today was another lovely day although hot day. The track this morning was lovely, well lovely compared to TA standards. I could actually see where the track went for 99% of the time. The track then popped out on a ski access road, which we needed to walk down for 500m, however, I got distracted talking and overshot the turn off onto the track again. By the time I realised we were about 500m past, but I figured that it would be easy to bushbash or grass bash back. I’m full of great ideas. It was an idea that worked, but because of head high grass, marsh and ridge lines it was about 2-3km before we got back onto the actual track (you win some and you loose some).

By lunch time the track had come out onto the road beside Lake Tekapo, which then needed to be followed into the village for 15km. By that time it was hot. I had my umbrella out and it was still a slough in the heat.

By mid afternoon I made it into Tekapo, where it was straight to the bakery for a chicken burger, smoothie and cheesecake. We also spent the afternoon organizing the next section. Tomorrow V and I are going off trail to hike up to a hut which you can view Mt Cook from and then hike back down. Then the next few days on trail are along a cycle trail, so we are planning of hiring bikes for that sections because long, fat road walks are not fun.

Today I am thankful for beautiful views of lake Tekapo.

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