Te Araroa – Day 103

Methven (Glen rock trail head) to Comyns Hut – 15km (2251km total)

Today was another nice and easy day. There were two options for getting out of Methven and back to the trail on the south side of Rakaia River. One options was a 6am school bus which takes hikers out before picking up children to take them to school. The other is a tourist company which provides shuttles between all the river trail head junctions in the area. I chose the second, mainly because it left at 11.30am a much more respectable time of the day. So I had a lazy morning sleeping in before going out to breakfast at cafe Primo a great cafe with an old eclectic decoration theme. It was great to have a slow morning.

Eclectic coffee shop

We were back at the trail head by about 1am ready for a slow and steady climb up to the saddle. There were even switchbacks to walk up! Crazy! Usually the TA just send you straight up a mountain no matter what the gradient is. We made it to the first little 3 bunk A frame hut for afternoon tea and then it was only a matter of another hour and a half to the Hut we were staying at for the night. I managed to keep my feet dry for most of the day, but then the river crossings started and there was no avoiding wet feet 😠.

Made it to the top of the saddle

It is chilly at the hut tonight. As I write this it is 7.30pm and we are all bunkered down in our sleeping bags, trying to stay warm. It might be a slow start in the morning as we wait for it to warm up.

Today I am thankful for shuttles that provide lifts around uncrossable rivers.

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