Te Araroa – Day 102

Harpers Road Campsite to Methven – 13km walked (2235km total)

Today was a day of 30km of road walking to Lake Colridge where the track ends because of the Rakaia River. The TA trust says that the river is too dangerous to cross and the recommended path is to find a way into the town of Methven and then back to the other side of the river.

Road walking views

Everyone at the campsite had a different idea about how to do that, but very few wanted to do the entire 30km road walk into Lake Colridge where the official trail ends. J and V had asked a camper the night before for a lift, which the campervan reluctantly gave to them, but they didn’t want to take anymore as they didn’t have seatbelts for people.

So M and I set off in the morning for the 30km road walk with intentions to hitch if we could. It was a very off the beaten track road, so there was no traffic on the road to hitch from. However, after 13km of road walking a 4WD was coming out of a gate on the the road. I was about 10m away from them, so I walked up to them and was about to ask for a lift, when they leaned out and asked the same thing. Of course I said yes and quickly yelled back to M, who was 200m behind that we had a lift. It was 4 hunters with guns and gear in the back. We threw our bags in with the gear. There was only room for me inside the car and M stood on the sideboard outside the 4WD holding onto the roof racks. Further down the road was O and they stopped and offered him a lift on the sideboards as well. The hunters were amazed that we were walking all of NZ and asking questions about the trail. They took us as far as the turn off to Colridge Village. Within 2 minutes another 4WD pulled over and offered the 3 of us a lift the rest of the way to Methven. By lunch time we were in Methven at the hostel that J and V had got for us. After showering, it was out for lunch.

The rest of the day was spent doing chores of laundry, charging stuff, resupplying and organsing how to get to the other side of the river and then again from Rangitata River which we will get to later in the week and also can’t be crossed.

Today I am thankful easy logistical organization.

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