Te Araroa – Day 97

Hurunui No. 3 Hut to Locke Stream Hut – 14km (2117km total)

I woke up this morning to what sounded like a lot of rain and wind. So, I snuggled down in my sleeping bag and didn’t get up. At 7.30 it still sounded like terrible weather outside. So, I started to read, however, Y got up and said that it wasn’t that bad outside, that it sounded worse than it was. Eventually, I got up and slowly got ready. This was the latest that I had started hiking for a non town day.

Once out of the hut, the weather was ok, it would drizzle on and off, but mostly the track was in the forest in the morning, which gave cover from the rain. After twenty minutes, there was a creek crossing via a three cable bridge. My first three cable bridge of this track. I wasn’t convinced about crossing it, because of the rain it looked slippery, but it was actually ok, although I did cross it very slowly.

That is my look of serious concentration. No slipping and falling for me 😊.

The track passed a couple of old huts during the day Cameron Hut and then Harper Pass Bivouac. I had a quick break at the Bivouac and then carried on. From this point the trail became slow. Overgrown and muddy up to Harper’s Pass and then a steep descent from Harpers Pass, with some parts of the trail washed out. At points I needed to butt scoot down really steep washed out parts, which is usually fine in good weather, but in wet weather, my shorts soon became muddy and damp. Not a pleasant feeling. 😬

View from Harpers Pass

Finally by mid afternoon I made it to Locke Stream Hut. The others were already there and trying to work out what to do. We could have pushed on to Kiwi Hut but it was only a 6 bunk hut and we knew that at least 6 were already headed for that hut. We could stay, but that would mean that tomorrow we would finished the day at a place with no hut and supposed lots of rain and snow down to 1000 meters coming in the day after that. There were no really good options. So we decided to stay put and walk to Morrison Bridge tomorrow and make another decision once we got there about what to do.

A person has been doing watercolors in the Hut Books. Someone else came and drew over it. I love the addition, each person sums up the TA perfectly. Sandflies, wondering where the track is, falling in rivers and generally looking disheveled.

Today I am thankful for rivers to wash my shorts off in. πŸ˜†

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