Te Araroa – Day 96

Hope Kiwi Lodge to Hurunui No. 3 Hut – 27km – (2103km)

Today was another pretty nondescript day. The track continued through The Valley for most of the day. First thing in the morning the track crossed the open plains but then it soon went back into the forest. Most of the day was walking in the forest.

At one point the trail came out of the forest and it looked like the track went straight ahead. I should have checked, but instead I followed the other hiker in front of me and we crossed 2 marshy streams that we didn’t need to cross and then realised we needed to turn around and enter back into the forest.

Walking part of the track, that was not the TA, but it sure was a pretty view

Eventually, just before lunch the track came to the first hut where we stopped for lunch. Just before this I fell again, who knows what number I am up to. I’ve lost count, but this time, I got blood! I slightly cut my elbow and I showed off that war wound at lunch.

It was only 10km to the next hut but the notes say that it takes 5 hours! However, thankfully it didn’t take that long. Halfway along there was a hot spring that you can go in. I only stuck my hand in, it was pretty hot and the sandflies were terrible. So, I did a crazy dance to try and get the sandflies off of me while getting my pack back on and continuing to the next hut.

Hot Spring, it was very warm, almost too warm.

The hut is pretty old and rustic and there is a group of hunters here tonight as well. But it is out of the rain. After lunch the rain started coming in, it was only drizzling all afternoon, so we will see what that means for river crossings in the next few days and if it gets any heavier.

Tonight I am thankful for dry huts.

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