Te Araroa – Day 94 and 95

Day 94 – Day off in Hanmer Springs. Hanmer Springs is a great little town full of everything that a hiker could want. The day off started with breakfast at a cafe. Then buying resupply at the supermarket. I once again have too much food for this section. However, this time it was on purpose. Supposedly bad weather is meant to come in later this week with lots of rain and the section we are on has a couple of significant river crossings that shouldn’t be crossed after heavy rain. So the extra food is just in case an extra day or two is needed to wait for river levels to go down.

Mmm, town food

After that I spent a lot of time at the hostel on their wifi, watching tv shows and calling and messaging friends back home and from the trail.

Day 95 – Boyle Village to Hope Kiwi Lodge – 26km (2076km total)

The day started as all days in town should start, with a chai latte. After that we needed to hitch to get back to the trail. Our first lift came pretty quickly from an American girl who now lives in New Zealand on her way to work. She said that she always stops to pick up hikers, which is so nice. She got us as far as the main highway. After that car after car drove past us. Some waved sympathetically showing us that they had no extra room. Others, waved and pointed at their spare back seat, with looks of what can you do? Stop and put us in that spare back seat was what I would think. Finally, a British guy who had been living in New Zealand for 16 years stopped and picked us up. He was holidaying around New Zealand and had a campervan.

Once back at Boyle Village we started walking again. The day was pretty unremarkable. This entire section is mostly following a valley through the mountains. Which is great because no high mountains to climb, but also means that you don’t get those spectacular views. It also means lots of river crossings. Some of which could be tricky if heavy rain comes.

Just the sort of sign a hiker wants to see! 🙅 Thankfully, the track did not go that way
Tiny little hut for a lunch break

At the hut tonight, Team GB was there. I met them before I started the trail at Utea Park on 90 mile beach. They have been ahead most of the time, but since near the end of the north island. We have leap frogged a few times, always being a couple days ahead or behind each other. So it was good to see them again.

Today I am thankful for seeing people who I haven’t seen in a while.

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