Te Araroa – Day 93

Middle of Nowhere Camp to Boyle Village – 18km (2050km total)

I woke up in the morning and the swarm of sandflies outside my tent had mostly disappeared. However, I wasn’t taking my chances with the little blighters. I packed up as much as I could in my tent, got changed in my tent. Then propelled myself out of my tent to pack it up, shove it in my bag and start walking. Even as I did that the little suckers started to swarm on me. If you are getting the impression that my life is like one of those movies where a plague of something (apes, aliens, zombies, virus) take over the earth. It is close to the reality, except the plague is sandflies and I’m not sure if I turn out to be the heroine of this movie or if the sandflies conquer all!

As soon as I had packed up my tent. I threw it into my bag and started walking towards the next hut which was just over 6km away. An hour and a half later I was there and finally stopped to relax and have breakfast in the relative safety of the hut. Although one or two little blighters still got in.

After that it was just over 12km to Boyle Village. A couple of house and an outdoor centre, plus a road! This road was our way back to civilization to resupply for the next leg. By the last 6km of the track, I just wanted to be at the village. The ground was uneven, all rocky and rooty and my ankles were just not up for it today. Not even my favourite podcasts could distract me from how annoyed I was at the track. Then finally I came out at Boyle Village and internally had a party.

From Boyle Village it is a 55km hitch to the closest town of Hanmer Springs. The people at the outdoor center gave us a sign and we stood on the side of the road with our thumbs out attempting to look like sweet, innocent people who you would want to let in your car. Within 10 minutes some French girls with a camper van pulled over and were happy to take us to Hanmer Springs. Our bags were thrown in and we pile in the back to sit on top of their stuff/mattress in the back of the van.

“No Mum, this isn’t what it looks like. I never get into cars with strangers!” 😉

In Hanmer Springs the first thing we did was head to a cafe before heading to the backpackers. It is a day off tomorrow and I plan to do as little walking as possible.

Today I am thankful for people who pick up hikers to get them into town for resupply.

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