Te Araroa – Day 92

Waiau Hut to Middle of Nowhere Camp – 36km (2032km total)

Passed the 2000km mark today. Two thirds done, only 1000km to go. That and a few big mountains, but easy peesy, it should be all down hill from here, right!?

This has been the first day in a while where the track has been mostly flat, which made for smooth and fast-ish walking. The track followed The Valley all day and will continue to do so until we get out of this range at Boyle Village tomorrow.

It was relatively non-descript scenery today. The major things that happened today, were ignoring a trail marker because it seemed to lead into a deep but still river to cross. Then 5 minutes later finding out we did need to be up on the other bank. I choose to cross there, where it was shallow but slightly faster moving, to then be faced with a steep bank to scale and brush to fight my way through. I did it with what I like to think is the grace and finesse of an acrobat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

By early afternoon we had made it to Anne Hut, which was a very nice hut, but because it was only early afternoon it was too early to stop, so it was only enjoyed for a break not to sleep at.

Anne Hut

It was then a climb up to Anne Saddle, which was hardly a climb at all, until the last 700m. By that point we had already done 34km for the day and the next hut was still 8km away. Making it to the hut was doable but it would have meant getting in around 7pm which is starting to get late and annoying to others in the hut. So camping was the option.

Again the sandflies are terrible. Once I had cooked dinner, I dove into my tent to eat it and about 50 sandflies followed me in, so I spent the next half hour as I ate also killing sandflies.

Today I am thankful for flat valley walking.

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