Te Araroa – Day 88

St Arnaud to Lakehead Hut – 10km (1945km total)

Today was such a nice day. The morning was spent in St Arnauds. With only 10km to the next hut there was plenty of time to have a lazy morning. It started with the all you can eat breakfast at the Alpine Lodge. Then I sorted my food for the next leg, packed my bag and checked out. However, the lodge was happy for us to sit around until lunch time in the backpackers lounge.

So the morning was spent relaxing and not walking before consuming lunch. By mid afternoon it was time to slowly start walking. The walk followed Lake Roroiti and there is a classic photo that every gets from the jetty, so of course I had to stop for the photo.

Classic Lake Rotoiti shot

The walk along the lake was better then I was expecting. It was a hot afternoon, but it was mostly in the shade of trees by the lake. Near the end I stopped and went for a quick swim in the lake before walking to the hut.

Tonight I am not hungry, but I am going to eat so much to make my pack lighter!

Today I am thankful for lazy mornings in town.

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