Te Araroa – Day 87

Red Hills Hut to St Arnauds – 20km (1935km total)

Finally a day of normal walking. It was bliss after what has felt like a billion days of crazy trail!

The morning was a 13km hike up to 1300m and down again, but the first part of it was in nice forest and there was even some switchbacks, so that it wasn’t so steep. Then the descent was on a 4WD track which was slightly rocky, but no roots. I was actually able to stride and walk. What a novelty. 😀

The Valley we would descend down to, but not before climbing 1300m
Look at that trail

The track then brought us out on to the road into St Arnauds for 7.5km. Which was a fine road walk, but I had my mind and my stomach set on pizza, so I just wanted it to go faster than it was. However, by just after 12pm we had done the entire 20km, just in time for pizza. The waiter asked if I wanted a 8 or 12 inch pizza. Of course that was a silly question, always 12 inch when you are a hiker. We each got one and everyone was able to finish their entire pizza and still feel hungry.

The rest of the day was spent showering, doing laundry and generally lounging around while getting things sorted for the next leg.

Today I am thankful for the Alpine Lodge in St Arnauds, its amazing restaurant and backpackers lounge.

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