Te Araroa – Day 82

Hackett Hut to Slaty Hut – 14km (1851km total)

Today was a shorter day at 14km which was done by mid afternoon. The problem was the next hut was said to be 5 hours away which would have been a push to get to by 7pm, yet we could have if we needed to. However, that hut was off trail via a steep 200m elevation loss. No one wants to do that. So it was a shorter day. Which was brilliant. This has been one of my favourite days on trail.

The trail started this morning following the river and crossing it several times and because the river was low, this was a lot of fun to do. Rock hopping across and picking up the trail on the opposite bank.

Rock Hopping across streams like a pro 😊

The trail then rose steeply through beautiful forest where we hit the next hut at mid morning. This was a pretty little hut with an amazing backdrop. It was cool to see the mountains that we would be traversing in the coming days.

Starvell Hut our mid morning break spot

After our break the trail crossed an exposed ridgeline with amazing panoramic views to the ocean in one direction and mountains to the other. It was great. The trail then descended back into a lovely forest before bringing us back up above tree line to the hut. The hut is at 1400m. I am already in my sleeping bag, it could get quite cold tonight at this elevation. Although some cloud has come in, so hopefully that will mean that it wont get too cold over night.

How cool are those mountains

Tonight I am thankful for wonderful panoramic views.

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