Te Araroa – Day 81

Middy Creek Hut to Hacket Hut -19km (1840km total)

A cool change came in overnight, which made the 1000m climb this morning a whole lot easier. The day started with a 700m climb up to Rocks Hut 5km away, which was meant to take 3 hours, but we smashed it out in just over 2 hours 💥. As I climbed up it gradually became cooler and cloudier, with drizzly rain.

It was a short stop at Rocks Hut for morning tea. It was then on to do another climb up and over 1000m and then all the way back down. At the top of the climb there was a tiny bit of reception, so of course the phones came out. As we sat in the mist the clouds slowly began to dissipate and as I started walking down the sun came out. It was down to Browning Hut for a late lunch. Then a final push onto Hacket Hut.

Heading towards the Richmond Ranges
I get to climb those!

I enter the official Richmond Ranges tomorrow. It is an 75km stretch, which usually would only take 3-4 days to complete, but this section will take 6 days due to the terrain and elevation. There will be some days where 12km will take a full 8-9 hours to complete. 😬

Today I am thankful for easy-ish elevation gains.

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