Te Araroa – Day 78

Mistletoe Bay to Havelock – 30km (1773km total)

Today was better than I expected. There was just over 10km to finish off the Queen Charlotte Track. Then it was road walking into Havelock, which I was not looking forward to on a hot day, but fortunately the road walking was mostly on a track either beside the road or up off the road in the bush, which made for a much more pleasant experience.

Almost finished the Queen Charlotte Track

We were up and hiking before anyone else in the camp ground, such is the life of those who hike 30km in a day compared to 5-10km along the Queen Charlotte Track back to their car. The Wedding revelry had finished in the early hours of the morning, but fortunately I had manage to sleep through most of it by playing my own music and an audiobook in the background. The walk along the remained of the Queen Charlotte Track continued to be lovely and finished up in the little town of Anikiwa. It was then another 7km to a service station and cafe and that is what I had my beady little eyes set on for a coke and ice cream.

Like the hiker trash we are we sat outside the service station for an hour enjoying our refreshments and the break from hiking. When we meet F again, who we had met before the Tararuas but he went ahead of us through the range.

It was then 11km more into Havelock. I stopped at a bench with F 4km into that 11km, by that time it was mid afternoon and the sun was out in full force. Even though there was some shade on the track that ran parallel to the road, I was hot and exhausted by the time I made it into Havelock. Where I collapsed in the shade outside the 4 Square supermarket. I really am convinced people must think we are homeless because of the odd places we stop and sit (or in my case collapse).

In the 4 Square I needed to resupply for a possible 10 day stretch through the Richmond Ranges. This is a tricky thing to do. You don’t want to go hungry but nor do you want to carry the weight of 10 days of food. I let you know if my resupply was successful or not when I finally get into St Arnaud’s in 8-10 days.

Havelock, home of the world greatest mussels. (Who ride surfboards, with outboard motors!)

Today I am thankful for councils who build tracks for walkers and cyclists next to roads.

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