Te Araroa – Day 77

Camp Bay to Mistletoe Bay – 29km (1743km total)

Today was another picturesque day along the Queen Charlotte Track. The morning started with a climb up, but once up for most of the morning the track followed the ridge line with gentle ups and downs. Today we were getting views not only of Queen Charlotte Sound but also the sound on the other side Kenepuru Sound.

Sunrise at Camp Bay

At lunch the Wekas came out to play (a NZ bird, which I assume is flightless because I haven’t seen it fly and kind of looks like across between a duck and a chicken). I had seen Wekas on previous trips but they had always run away. These were fearless and came to peck everything to see if they could eat it. One even jumped up on the picnic table seat I was lying on. I think it wanted to steal my socks or undies that I had placed out to dry. πŸ™… Weka, you can’t have it! πŸ˜‚

πŸ™… cheeky little thing

The morning start out cool, but by mid afternoon the sun was out in full force and made the couple of climbs hard. But eventually the turn off to the campsite came into view. When we arrived at the campsite, a wedding reception was in full swing. If only we had brought or good clothes we could have blended in and got free food and drink! πŸ˜‚ Alas, we were relegated to the trampers section and away from the wedding, however, they did have an amazing kitchen area with couches of which I claimed one for the rest of the night.

Tonight I am thankful for warm kitchens with couches.

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