Te Araroa – Day 76

Ship Cove to Camp Bay – 26km (1714km total)

The Te Araroa on the South Island starts along the Queen Charlotte Track, which is one of New Zealand’s great walks. It is easy to see why it is famous. Hiking along the inlets of Queen Charlotte Sound is picturesque.

The morning started with just over an hours boat ride to Ship Cove where the track starts. When I arrived at Ship Cove I learnt that it is an historic sight. A place that Captain Cook used to resupply and repair his boat before continuing on exploring. I also learnt that Captain Cook did more exploring of New Zealand than Australia, which I didn’t know. His first voyage was around Australia and then onto New Zealand, but his second and third voyages totally by passed Australia and were spent exploring New Zealand’s coast line. I really should get a book about Australian and New Zealand early history. Even better if someone knows a podcast about New Zealand history let me know as I can listen to them while I hike.

Cook Monument at Ship Cove

Having two days off from hiking is not a good idea. I was lethargic again today. I also stopped to take a lot of photos as the coast line was so beautiful which didn’t help my hiking time. Eventually, I made it into camp glad to get off my feet after what should have been an easy 26km. After dinner I went down to the little bay to wade, but wading was all I was willing to do as I had been told that it was full of sting rays (although I only saw one) and I did not need to do a Steve Irwin.

One of the many beautiful inlets

Tonight I am lying in my tent listening to the chirp of a lot of cicadas. Hopefully, it is white noise to fall asleep to.

Today I am thankful for easy track and beautiful scenery.

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