Te Araroa – Day 74 and 75

Wellington and Picton – 1688km total

Day 74 was a day off in Wellington and it was spent doing chores. Cleaning all my clothes and gear, including my bag which was filthy. It was also spent replacing gear that had broken and getting supplies for the next section. One of my poles needed to be replaced as it had bent when my butt landed on it in the Tararuas. 🤭 My pink shirt finally got thrown out despite my repeated attempts to patch it and I got my new one in the mail. I got about 4 pairs of socks because I go through those very quickly. Plus I got a lot of other small odds and ends as well as a lot of food to post to myself on the South Island.

Farewell shirt

Once I had done all of that, I collapsed onto my bed in the hostel and didn’t move for an hour or two.

Day 75 – Started with an early morning ferry across to Picton. The ferry ride was a great chance just to sit and do nothing but read. Once in Picton I got a few extra things at the supermarket and then set about the mammoth task of boxing it all up to post to myself at several places along the trail where there are no supermarkets. One box contained 10 days worth of food and weighed 7.5kg. I am not looking forward to carrying that in my pack. After that we went to the pub for a late lunch and the cricket was on the TV. I attempted to explain the game and was actually surprised about how much I could explain, since I don’t really like cricket (although Australia in the last few years has introduced a fast pace version called the Big Bash, which I really like and I am sad that this is the first summer that I haven’t been able to go to a game with my friends).

Ferry coming in to Picton
Pretty Picton

It was then back to the hostel for an early night to catch a water taxi to the start of the track tomorrow morning.

Today I am thankful for Wellington. A very pretty city that reminds me a lot of Hobart.

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