Te Araroa – Day 71

Waikanae Beach to Pukerua Bay – 27km (1629km total)

Today should have been an easy day at only 27km on mostly flat terrain, but I think that Tararua Ranges have taken a toll and I am ready for a rest. Just two more days until Wellington and then there will be two days off!

The day started out along the river and then along the beach. It was an overcast day and drizzled rain most of the day. It is possible that the weather wasn’t helping with the lethargic feeling. The beach walking went along fairly quickly and it was soon time for our first cafe stop.

Beach walking again
Mmm cheesecake and a nice cafe to shelter out of the drizzling rain

The second section of beach walking dragged a bit more and the tide came up forcing us off the beach and onto a side walk, just before our second stop of the day for lunch.

It was then onto the famed escarpment track. As far as I am aware this part of the track was built specifically for the TA to get it off of the roads. Somewhere I heard it cost a million dollars to build. On a clear day there would be amazing views while walking along it. The views today were still pretty good, but my general lethargy meant that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. It was also really windy up on the escarpment, which I also think zapped energy.

Escarpment track
If it looks like I’m walking drunk it is because it was soooo windy that the bridge was swaying and making me walk like a drunk person 😆

Tonight we are camped at a really nice and sheltered beach side rest area, which I am really thankful for, because I couldn’t have made it 43km to the next holiday park.

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