Te Araroa – Day 61

Koitaita to Mt Lees Reserve – 40km (1430km total)

The good news is my butt muscles didn’t hurt today (I know that would have been your number one question after yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜‰). The bad news is today was more road walking. However, the day did start with a 7km jaunt along the beach, with black sand and dead tree cemetery.

Beach walking again. So much better than roads

Shortly after the beach I crossed the 1400km mark. Just another 100km and I will have done half the trail. By mid morning the sun had come out and was making the day hot. Once again I was thankful for my umbrella. It makes hiking in the full sun bearable.

1400km done.

By mid afternoon, we made it to the town of Bulls, which really capitalizes on the Bulls. Asking you to be Responsi-BULL with your rubbish and calling the Police Consta-BULLS! What a town. MacDonalds was calling us with its air conditioned comfort, free wifi and cold drinks. It was hard to leave. But leave we did to smash out the last 9km to a reserve that allows camping.

The reserve is really nice. It is like a state/government owned old house and gardens. Part of the gardens is a picnic area with toilet and a lawn area for camping.

Today I am thankful for lovely camping areas.

3 thoughts on “Te Araroa – Day 61

  1. Did you head off the wrong way on Koitaita Beach or did the image get reversed (or was it just the easiest way to take the photo)?


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