Te Araroa – Day 60

Whanganui to Koitaita – 35km (1390km total)

I had a sleep in today and didn’t start hiking until just before 9am. I said goodbye to S and A who were taking days off and will probably see them further up the trail as they over take me or I take a day off.

The day started to a walk into Whanganui to post some stuff further up the trail to myself and of course to enjoy the perks of town, a chai latte. It was then road walking for the rest of the day. It wasn’t great, but it was slightly better than I thought. It was 20km along the state highway, but it had plenty of shoulder to walk on most of the way. The worst thing about it is the constant sound of traffic. I put my music on to combat this.

My right glute muscle hurt today. It hasn’t hurt all trail and now after not being used for 6 days and being sat on it decides to hurt. We stopped at a roadside rest stop for lunch, then 6km further down the trail, we stumbled upon an antique store, which my mother would love. The best thing about it, a cafe, so yes another chai. This is what made the road walking bearable today.

Yep, I’m that person. Taking photos of my food! 😉

After that the trail turned off of the state highway and made it way to a little seaside town of Koitaita which has free camping for TA hikers and a lovely little platform from which to view the sea and to stretch my gluteus, or just my right really! Also, I have made it back to the West Coast again and will have a short 8km beach walk tomorrow morning.

Antique Store with a cafe

Today I am thankful for roadside rest stops and cafes.

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