Te Araroa – Day 59

Rivertime Lodge to Whanganui Holiday Park – 37km (1354km total)

The tide was due to be going out between 4.48am and 11am, so it was an early start for us. As we made our way down to the river to load the canoes it was still dark with just a hint of light starting to show. We waited a little bit for a bit more light as it seemed foolish to try and navigate rapids when we couldn’t see.

We got into the canoes and decided to float until a bit more light arrived. However, within a minute of being in the canoes we hear the rush of water. A rapid. Thankfully, there were only a few small rapids near the start of the morning and they were easy to navigate in the morning light.

The rest of the day was spent on a wide, barely flowing river. As we got closer to Whanganui the sea breeze picked up and blew us back as quickly as we paddled forward, but we made it to the Holiday Park by 10.30am before the tide turned.

We unloaded the canoes and set off towards the reception, we came across a jumping pillow and of course like the adults we are, we had to go for a jump! (So much fun). The rest of the day was spent sorting out or gear and going into to town to resupply and for me replace everything I had lost, which totaled a phone, sunglasses and my pocket knife!

Then I lazed around at the holiday park updating the blog and getting my phone reloaded with everything.

Today I am thankful for shops to replace lost gear.

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