Te Araroa – Day 58

Flying Fox to Rivertime Lodge – 16km (1317km total)

With only 16km to do today, we had a lazy morning. It was wonderful. I laid in my tent and read and enjoyed the sunlight filtering in before getting up to have breakfast and continue to read. The plan was to stay at the flying fox for lunch, but they told us that we needed to check out. As we were packing up the heavens opened and the rain started to fall and only intermittently stopped for the rest of the day.

Lazy mornings in the tent

Thankfully it was only 2 hours of paddling to the next campsite but I was all prepared for the rain with my rain jacket and rain skirt i.e. garbage bag tied around my waist. The result of this fashion statement was much laughter from everyone else.

We arrived at the campsite and set up our tents as it continued to rain. The owners said that there was a garage that we could sit in to get out of the rain. As it continued to bucket down outside Y and I decided to sleep in the garage, which could also be the setting of a horror movie with so many sharp tools and blades hanging on the walls. We took down our tents and took them to the shearing shed to dry out over night.

The potential setting of a horror movie and where I slept!

It is an early start tomorrow. As we get into Whanganui the ocean tide affects the river flow, so in order to paddle as the tide is going out we need to leave at 5pm.

Today I am thankful for garages.

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