Te Araroa – Day 57

Ngaporo Campsite to the Flying Fox – 37km (1301km)

The Flying Fox is an Eco Campsite that has cabins, glamping (tents (yurts) with beds in them) and camping. It has a flying fox (Zip Line) with a basket that those who are cycling the river use to get across the river to the campsite. It also has a small cafe and store that is open until 4pm each day. So our objective for the day was to make it to the Flying Fox by 3pm.

I was back in a canoe again with A and to make the time go faster, I taught her the Australian national anthem. It is funny to hear a person with a French accent sing the Australian national anthem. I then brushed up on my French numbers. I´m up to 30 with a bit of fumbling.

We had a short stop for morning tea, but the sandflies were shocking at that spot. I want to know what sandflies add to the eco system or if the world would be fine without them because they are vicious little suckers and my legs constantly look like they have chicken pox on this trip.

Morning Tea – Sandflies 😤 🙅

After lunch I took the back seat of the canoe 🛶 which A was probably dreading, but I maneuvered the rapids like a pro and we didn´t once capsize! Near the end of the day, we go the sillies again. Which resulted in singing We are the Champions and going for a swim in the river. We arrived at the Flying Fox at 2.45pm and made use of the cafe. I also had an outdoor hot shower which felt good after days of river mud.

I enjoyed a lazy afternoon and made use of the free wifi to find out if the next town is big enough to replace my phone, which is mostly likely dead. I still hold out hope over the next two days before we get to town that it will have a miraculous resurrection, but the odds are not good.

Today I am thankful singing that helps the time pass quickly.

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