Te Araroa – Day 55

Poukaria Campsite to John Coull Campsite – 60km (1232km total)

Well today was an eventful day. 60km on the river. I think that will be my biggest day on the Te Araroa. Never mind that it wasn’t walking, it is still a big day.

The morning started off with the event of the day, in which I capsize the canoe in a rapid. It turns out that I’m not strong enough to direct a large heavy canoe through a rapid and we went side ways and then over. Which was actually fun once we got over the shock and the spluttering. Although it took a few more rapids and floating with an upside down canoe before we found a place to flip it back over. There was also a fatality, most likely 2. My sunnies were on my head and not to be seen after we flipped. Fortunately, I always lose and break sunnies, so I never spend much on them and will get a new pair in town. The second fatality is most likely my phone, which despite being in two zip lock bags is not working, but I live in hope as it currently sits in rice, that it might start working again. Otherwise, it is a belated Merry Christmas to myself and a new phone in town too (update – the phone has died a watery death and it has been sent to phone heaven. This is the reason there are limited photos in the next few blog posts).

After that, I was relegated back to the front of the canoe and out of the power seat. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Until we stopped at Whakahoro for a coffee, unfortunately they didn’t have chai.

Then it was a long stretch on the river to cover the remaining 40km, which was broken up by a lunch stop and then silliness on the river as we joined canoes together, laid down and lazily floated down the river until we decided that we better start paddling again in order to get to camp, which we got to earlier than expected given a 60km day.

Lazy River Floating (not my feet)

Today I am thankful for lazy river floating.

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