Te Araroa – Day 46

Piropiro Campsite to Ongarue Campsite – 42km (1006km total)

BAM! Two milestones today. Walked the same amount of kilometres as a marathon (look out olympics, here I come (once I shave about 7 hours off my time! ๐Ÿ˜‰)) and crossed the 1000km mark. That means I have done a third of the trail, now I just need to do the same thing two more times.

When youโ€™ve walked 1000km sitting down for photos is a requirement

The day was lovely again. Mostly through forest. Again it was well maintained and graded as part of the Timber trail. A lot of today’s trail was part of an old rail line used to carry timber out of the area. However, there are no longer any rails and the line has been turned into the trail we follow. Because of this there were some cool things to see along the way, relics of days gone when the area was logged.

Look at that wide, level trail.

In order to get through 42km I took lots of breaks. The plan was to stop every 10km. This occurred for the first 20km but then after that the plan went out the window. When I found a stream to soak my feet in, I then laid down on the trail with them up on my bag. Pure bliss. Then just before 30km I came across the others who had stopped at a point on the trial where there was mobile reception. I may have stayed here over an hour, posting on instagram, messaging friends and downloading an audiobook. For the last 12km, I stopped a lot to take photos of cool things. A tunnel in the trail. The 1000km mark. Deers. Then before I knew it, it was 5.30pm and I still had 6km to go. So, I put my head down and powered on to camp by 6.30pm

The trail goes through an old rail tunnel

All in all another great day on the trail.

Today I am thankful for mobile reception to be able to keep in contact with friends at home.

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