Te Araroa – Day 44

Mangaokewa to Pureora – Ngaherenga Campsite – 37km (927km total)

Imagine watching grass grow or paint dry. That is what today was like. It was a 37km mostly gravel road walk to get to the start of the timber trail. The scenery didn’t change all day and there is only so much you can do to entertain yourself, when you are looking at the same gravel road and green fields all day.

So here are the most entertaining things from the day. I passed the 900km mark. This was the only photo I took all day.

900 kms walked

There was a rogue sheep on the road, who was so freaked out by us that he ran full steam at the fence in an attempt to get through to his friends. He ricocheted off the fence like a billiard ball and due to his failed attempt to get through the fence he then proceeded to run up the road in front of us for over a kilometre. Then he finally stopped, decided that the road was wide enough and ran back past us in the other direction to get back to his friends.

I listened to lots of podcasts. Watched an entire Christmas movie that I had on my phone while walking. The joy of straight gravel roads with no traffic, you don’t need to look where you are going all that often. I also started an audio book.

One of the friends I am walking with was so bored he listened to a 95 minute podcast about George Michael’s song Last Christmas.

And that was my day. The only other thing to note is that the campsite has the freshest smelling pit toilet ever. It is like there is a car air freshener in there.

Today I am thankful for fresh smelling pit toilets.

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