Te Araroa – Day 42

Waitomo to Te Kuiti – 15km (870km total)

It was a nice short day today into the next major town where we could resupply before the next leg. Most of the day was spent crossing farm land with the occasional forest. And where there is farm land, there is walks straight up hills!

10 points if you can spot the hikers

At one point during the morning, the track was so steep and slippery that I literally had to get down on my knees and and use the fence post to pull myself up. I don’t think this is normal, but this is not the first time on this trail that I’ve wished that I had longer legs. But I don’t and the step to the next safe dry place to place my foot is just is out of reach so consequently, I crawl. But, hey, it works. 😊

Orange markers will guide us to Bluff

By lunch time we had made it up the gazillionth steep hill just before Te Kuiti. It was a short stop and then down into town to resupply before the lovely Emma came to pick us up and take us to the backpackers, where we would be camping.

The backpackers had a puppy, so again I was one happy tramper as I laid on the grass and played with a puppy who proceeded to chew everything in sight and then run off with a trekking pole. So we decided he was off to Bluff like us.

It was a great half day spent lounging around at the backpackers and the night ended up around a campfire with the other people who were staying there.

Fire. With Te Kuiti in the background

Today I am thankful for fence posts to pull myself up hills.

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