Te Araroa – Day 41

Omarama to Waitomo – 22km (855km total)

Up hill and down dale is the phrase that could be used to describe today. Although as I write this I wonder where that phrase comes from. What does it mean to go down dale?

It was a short walk out of Omarama forest, where my shoes had no chance of staying mud free ๐Ÿ˜ . The track then came out on to farm roads, where there was a very large bull. On one side of the road in the paddock where a few of his very large friends and on the other side in a paddock were more of his very large friends. Then there was him inbetween and exactly where we needed to walk. Thankfully, he was more interested in his friends then us and we walk past with no problems.

Hey there Mr Bull, please let us pass…

The track then went through farm land, which is where the true uphill and down dale started and through annoying overgrown brush. What made it more annoying was that on the other side of the fence was a farm vehicle track, nice and wide, clear and well graded. I really wanted to jump the fence and walk on it, but I didn’t.

A lovely spot for lunch

The track then entered Waitomo Forest, which was a lovely part of the day. It was still up hill and down dale, but it was lovely to be walking in a forest, with only the occasional patch of mud. Lunch was had by a lovely river. Then the walk into Waitomo began, luring like a beacon of real food and drink.

In Waitomo we met Peter who helps maintain the trail in the area, and he gave us a lift to the YHA which was off trail and the first time I’ve been in a car for over a month.

Today I am thankful for those who take the time to maintain the TA.

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