Te Araroa – Day 36-37

Hamilton – Rest Days/Christmas Eve

During the morning my friends who I had been hiking with but left Auckland after me, messaged to say that they would be getting into Hamilton that afternoon and to ask what was I doing for Christmas. I was undecided about my plans as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were being reported as having a lot of rain.

Late in the day I walked down to the Holiday Park to catch up with them and came up with a plan. I would stay in Hamilton an extra day and we would do Christmas Celebrations on Christmas Eve, as this is when Christmas is celebrated in Europe. I would make them the classic Aussie/Kiwi ‘Chrissy Pav’ (Christmas Pavlova) for Christmas dessert. Then on Christmas Day we would hike only 15km (hopefully between the the predicted bad weather) to a pub which allows hikers to camp.

Mmm, Now it is Christmas.

I also convinced them that Die Hard was the best Christmas movie ever (which it is), and we started watching it on Christmas Eve. However, they were not as convinced by how great it is. I’ll continue to work on them.

I also introduced them to Christmas Crackers, unfortunately the jokes inside are not as funny when English is your second language and the jokes are a play on the sound of words

Two very successful rest days and a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration.

Today I am thankful for love shown to us on the very first Christmas and that love, generosity and friendship we can show to others.

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