Te Araroa – Day 21

The Green Bus Stop to Ruakaka Holiday Park – 16km (401km total)

400km! So while there is still 2600km to go, I think that it is impressive that I have walked 400km.

Today was an easy day. It started with a 5km walk from the Green Bus Stop down to the harbour where we had arranged for a guy to give us a lift across Whangarei Harbour. 10 minutes later we were across and walking again.

The Oil Refinery across the harbour that we later walked past (accidentally into)

Across the harbour is an oil refinery, which we took an accidental detour into and were told to get out, because it was a restricted area. Whoops. 😬

It was then more beach walking for about 6km in to the town of Ruakaka, where the good times began. A stop at a bakery, then onto the supermarket to grab supplies for the next few days. Then the final road walk out of town to the holiday park. We did all of this by early in the afternoon. Then it was relaxing, showering, laundry good times. No more dirty pants for me. πŸ‘

The day ended with a walk to the local Indian Restuarant, where I ate too much and had to roll back to the holiday park and into my tent.

Today I am thankful for Indian Food.

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