Te Araroa – Day 20

Taiharuru Walkers Camp to The Green Bus Stop in Whangarei Heads – 20km (385km total)

Packed up a wet soggy tent this morning. Argh. I hate doing that, the water makes it so heavy and I did not want heavy on a day with 500m elevation gain.

The start of the morning was pretty uneventful. It started with a short walk up a gravel road and then a short excursion up Kauri Mountain and out on to another road which led us down to the beach. So while road walking is hard on the feet, here is what I like about it. Roads are graded well for inclines and it is easy (or at least easier to keep up an okay pace up a hill), but in the forests the inclines are graded as straight up and boy does that hurt my thighs. Oh, the burn. 😮

It was back to beach walking for on Ocean Beach for 7km, a nice distance compared to 90 Mile Beach.

It’s all about perspective. 7km of beach walking seems like a beach after 4 days of beach walking in the beginning

Then the climb started straight up Bream Head, where we hit our high point of 476m from sea level for lunch. And yes, again oh the thigh burn. Unfortunately, I was low on water as the picnic area before bream head was under construction and the promised tap water was not there. So for the rest of the afternoons climb I took it really slow (I’m already slow on up hills but I was even slower) so that I didn’t sweat out more water than I had on me. It made for a pleasant but slow afternoon around Bream Head and down into Whangarei Harbour. Where we are at the Green Bus stop for the night.

View from my very slow climb up Bream Head

Camping at the Green Bus Stop

Today I am thankful for nice weather and awesome ocean views.

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