Te Araroa – Day 19

Nikau Bay Camp to Taiharuru Walkers Camp – 18km (365km total)

Today was a day of river crossings. We got to lounge around at camp until lunch time because both rivers need to be crossed a low tide, which was at 1.30pm. I was all ready to sleep in and have a very lazy morning, but my body woke me up by 6.30pm. Admittedly half an hour later than I usually get up, but not really what I would classify as a sleep in. So, I got up had a hot shower, breakfast and caught up on some blogging.

Day of River Crossings

There was about 3km to walk before getting to Hora Hora River the first of the river crossings. We timed it perfectly, the highest it ever got was just above my knees. Then it was more road walking to Pataua to cross the Taiharuru River. I was worried about this river as I had heard stories of the river coming up to peoples chests. But again we timed it perfectly. Most of the river walk was through shoe sucking mangroves/sand bars and the two parts of the river where we had to wade in water were again just over knee deep. Lets see if I can keep up this good run with river crossings as I’m really not a fan of getting completely wet and then hiking to hike.

After the second river crossing it was a short walk to a camp that a high school boy has set up on his property, with camping, a shower, composting toilet and soft drink and chocolate in an Eski ( or as I should say because I’m in NZ Chilli Bin).

Today I am thankful for easy river crossings.

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