Te Araroa – Day 17

Russel Forest Doc Shelter to Morepork Track View – 33km (312km total)

Bam! 300km done or 10% of the trail. Also, doing 30km days is getting slightly easier. My feet hurt slightly less at the end of each day.

As I set off this morning I could hear the distant rumble of thunder, which didn’t bode well, since I was meant to be climbing up and I didn’t want to be the tallest thing around if lightning was going to strike. Thankfully, while the trail did go up, it was only slightly and never went above tree line and shortly after that the sun came out and streamed through the trees.

What a way to start the morning

The walk out of Russel Forest was short, the rest of the time was spent on roads again into Helena Bay. It’s a love hate relationship. If someone was to write a song about my relationship with roads it would definitely be a country music song. Love/Hate, Love/Hate. I love that they are easy to crank out the miles, but I hate that they hurt my feet.

We made it into Helena Bay by 11am, which was my original plan for the day. A lovely break was had done by the foreshore, where I also met a lady from Germany who was cycling New Zealand. She had also started at Cape Reinga. So cool to see the different ways people enjoy and experience New Zealand.

Helena Bay, a lovely spot for lunch. This photo was taken before it the place became littered with tents as we attempted to dry our wet tents

It was then meant to be forest walking, but a sign was up saying that it was closed, so guess what? You guessed didn’t you. More road walking. Then after that the final part of the day was actually in forest again. The first 4km in Kaiikanui Forest was easy going, then the track narrowed and became steep and slippery and I took my 7th fall. I slide onto my butt and then proceeded to slide the rest of the way down the track like I was on a slide (and I was being so careful too). Now I am going to look like I had an accident, like a toddler for the rest of the week.

What the internet needs, a photo of my butt! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

As I lay in my tent writing this, I have several stick insects crawling on it.

Today I am thankful for gorgeous lunch spots by the beach.

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