Te Araroa – Day 14 & 15

Paihia – 0 km – 253 km total

I’m going with Smiles over Miles. Which may mean that I am pushed to finish the trail in time, but it also means I am enjoying myself.

The Beautiful Bay of Islands

Bad weather was forecast for the weekend again. And with a river crossing and the track going through the river in the next section, the trail notes advise not to do it after heavy rain. So I decided to wait. However, the expected amount of rain never came and I could have hiked out, oh well.

Instead I had a lovely time in the tourist town of Paihia in the beautiful Bay of Islands. I enjoyed being a tourist, checking out the local markets, eating ice-cream and catching up with friends as they hiked into town.

Always choose Icecream over Miles

It is back to the trail again tomorrow and with sunny weather forecast for the entire week, I should (fingers crossed) be able to hike some miles.

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