Te Araroa – Day 10

Makene Rd Campsite to Apple Dam Campsite – 19km (172km total)

After yesterdays killer day, it was nice to have a shorter distance to go today and on easy track.

I had a late start to the morning as I waited for things to dry from the rinse I had given them in the stream the night before. I slowly ate breakfast and caught up on some blog posts and instagram while I waited.

It was 10.30am by the time I left and it was a leisurely stroll along the state highway for 6km to Mangamuka Bridge where there is a dairy (general/corner store). I bought an ice-cream and coke. My first ice-cream in New Zealand (ice-cream is one of my favourite foods) and after Raetea Forest it was amazing. C and F walked up as I was sitting there and I proceeded to spend well over an hour at the store, sitting outside at the table and benches with them.

New Zealand Dairies, the best place in the world after a muddy death forest

It was then time to hike on. The rest of the day was hiking on gravel roads through farm land. It was easy walking which was a welcome change from the previous day and the most exciting thing was encountering some dairy cows on their way to be milked.

On their way to the other type of dairy

Apple Dam was a basic campsite, but it did have a lovely stream and waterfall nearby.

The lovely little stream and waterfall at Apple Dam campsite

Today I am thankful for New Zealand dairies.

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